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Our History

Tring Tornadoes Junior Sports Club was founded in 1970 with the charter being to:

Help and educate boys and girls through their leisure-time activities, so to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities that they grow to maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved.


When the club was founded, it consisted of one football team of fourteen boys. Over the last forty years the club has grown considerably and now forms the largest children’s organisation in Tring with a membership of over four hundred children playing football & netball. These children range in ages from six to eighteen and are of both sexes. The club draws its members from an area that extends from Aston Clinton to Hemel Hempstead and from Cheddington to Wigginton, although the bulk of the membership (around 75%) is drawn from within Tring itself.


The club is a registered charity and run on a voluntary basis by parents of the children. The club has a formal management structure at the head of which is the management committee which has eight members. These members are vested with primary responsibility for functions such as fund-raising, pitch management, treasury and secretarial duties. Under the management committee are age group managers, team managers and an active and successful fund-raising committee. When team coaches are included it can be seen that well over fifty local parents are actively involved in the week-to-week running of the club.

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