Welcome to Phoenix!

Who are we?

We are the new netball club based at Ashlyns School in Berkhamsted for secondary school aged girls. 

Phoenix will start fully in September 2022 (membership details will be available shortly) but there is an opportunity to play in the local Summer League, so we are offering a special Summer League membership.

For the Summer League, we are offering netball for year 7 and 8.   Year 6 pupils will also be considered to play up a year group.

From September we will have teams for years 7, 8 and 9.

What is the Summer League?

The main netball season runs from September to May.  To give the teams more opportunity to play, a Summer League has been created.  There are 5 matches played on Sunday mornings at Ashlyns. Phoenix will provide training at Ashlyns on Saturday mornings for the same 5 weeks. 

Training Dates
Match Dates Year 7
Match Dates Year 8
Week 1
11th June @ 11 am
12th June @ 9 am
12th June @ 10 am
Week 2
18th June @ 11 am
19th June @ 9 am
19th June @ 10 am
Week 3
25th June @ 11 am
26th June @ 9 am
26th June @ 10 am
Week 4
2nd July @ 11 am
3rd July @ 9 am
3rd July @ 10 am
Week 5
9th July @ 11 am
10th July @ 9 am
10th July @ 10 am

To play in the Summer League, all players must be England Netball Affiliated (England netball membership lasts for a year.  Affiliation to another club for the Summer League period is fine.  If you are not currently affiliated, please contact us for information on how to do this

Cost of Summer league membership

The cost is £50 for the 5 week period.  This includes membership, training and matches but does not include affiliation costs.

To get your child involved, join the Phoenix Berkhamsted Netball Club by select "Phoenix Berkhamsted Netball - Summer League 2022" from the drop down below

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.  Hope to see you soon!