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Terms & Conditions

As the parent/guardian, I hereby apply for membership of Tornadoes Sports Education & Leisure for myself and all other parents/guardians of the above named child and on behalf of the above named child. This membership will last until the above named reaches the age of 18 subject to an annual membership fee. The level of this membership fee will be determined by the Club's Management Committee.

I understand and accept that Tornadoes Sports Education & Leisure cannot be held responsible for any personal loss or injury whilst participating in any event organised by them. In addition, should I not be present I give my consent for my child, in the event of an emergency, to receive medical treatment. I will inform the Team Manager of any medical conditions affecting my child at any time.

I agree to allow personal information, photographs and proof of age documents to be uploaded to affiliated league websites where necessary for league registration purposes. 

I agree to allow personal information to be held within the Love Admin membership system for the period that I am a member of Tornadoes Sports Education & Leisure. 

I confirm that I have consulted all the parents and Guardians regarding this application and have their permission to accept on their behalf

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